Drywall knits series: Progress Installations

Soft Sculpture: knitting, house paint, glue, drywall compound. 2016-2019 





Soft Leak

Soft Sculpture: knitting. 2016-2018


A Decent Woman

Soft Sculpture; Knitted, washed, dried, felted, bleached and gessoed yarn; 100cm x 35cm; 2013-2014.


Sail (to the boat)

Soft Sculpture; Knitted yarn, white glue; 216cm x 75cm x 37cm; 2014.


Me wanting you has nothing to do with my number two

Soft Sculpture: Knitting; yarn99cm x 20cm; 2014.



Tear Down

Soft Sculpture; Found yarn, knitting, pant waistband/zipper; 181cm x 38cm x 17cm; 2013-2014.


Equally strong opposition and anger

Soft Sculpture; yarn (knitting), clear varnish, found shoes, found curtain rod; 200cm x 121cm x 61cm; 2013-2014.

Equally strong opposition and anger plays with gender stereotypes by using color, materials and the presence of craft (knitting) to invoke a feminine presence. I like to play with and subvert material expectations by exaggerating and reversing those qualities. What appears to be soft and weak (knitted wool) is made hard and strong. Through material gesture and form, I give these minimal objects an identity by creating the impression of an absent figure. These soft sculptures are based on the stories we leave behind, the marks we make on other people and our environments, the impact of daily living.


Walking away could have never been an option

Soft Sculpture; Knitted scarf, glue, gifted skirt dragged through; 244 cm x 58 cm x 179 cm; 2013.


What was made can be remade for you, and remade again for you

Soft Sculpture; Scarf, yarn, Plastic, Gifted Umbrella, Given Umbrella, Found Umbrella, Taken Umbrella.; 245 cm x 20 cm; 2013.



The heavy are weightless thoughts and fears

Soft Sculpture; Knitted scarf, washed, dried, shrunk, felted, bleached, edited cloud rope; 250cm x 30cm; 2013.


Reality is everything it can be

Soft sculpture; Knitted scarf, washed, dried, shrunk, felted/unfelted, editing away any failures, corrected length; 255cm x 16cm; 2013.