Mixed Processes

-Bleaching and Burning-

Bleach and burn, sleeping through a field of (w)hole flowers

Soft Sculpture: Bleaching and burning holes through a bed sheet; Bed Sheet, bleach; 244cm x 120cm; 2014.


-Plaster Casting-

I will call the police I am going to go to the police

Sculpture; Plaster moulds of the inside of socks; 94cm x 110cm x 26cm; 2014.



A field of dandelions would agree

Soft Sculpture; Shirt pockets, house paint; 61cm x 115cm x 10cm; 2014.


In defence: kick a hole through the wall

Soft Sculpture; Pant Pockets; 129cm x 198cm ; 2013.

In defence: kick a hole through the wall



One plus two, don’t give me that shit

Soft Sculpture; Pant legs (front and back), pulley, fishing weights; 191cm x 30cm x 14cm; 2013 – 2014.


Walking too far apart to fit. eat.

Soft Sculpture; Pants, rice; 210cm x 31cm; 2013.


An apartment for three

Soft Sculpture; Shoes, blazer linings; 12cm x 22cm x 24cm; 2015.