-Quilting Series-

Tired Bed of Flowers

Soft Sculpture: collected fabrics, insulation foam. 2018 


Open Box

Soft Sculpture; painted scrap fabric, house paint; aprox. 30cm x 30cm; 2017.


-BedSheet Series-

How to Fold

Soft Sculpture: bedsheet, drywall, cut out flowers, insulation foam, house paint. 2018-19


Lonely Laundry

Soft Sculpture: Bedsheet, cut out flowers, insulation foam, house paint. 2018 

To Have and to Fold

Soft Sculpture: bedsheet. 2018


-Shirt Sleeve Series-

I took the time to fold

Soft Sculpture; Shirt sleeves/cuffs, pant waistband/zipper, leggings, shirt top; 126cm x 54cm x 8cm; 2014.



Easily introduced (easily dismissed)

Soft Sculpture; Lace T-shirt, Shirt Sleeves; 74cm x 43cm; 2014.




Toi tu es une vrai vaiselle

Soft Sculpture; Shirt Sleeve Seams x 34, Tank top; 89cm x 40cm; 2014.


I wish this could be paused

Soft Sculpture; Shirt sleeves/cuffs, buttons, T-shirt collars; 70cm x 52cm x 8cm; 2014.

I wish this could be paused


Fight more

Soft Sculpture; Shirt collar and sleeves, shorts; 50cm x 44cm x 10cm; 2013-2014.


-Shirt Collar Series-

and I gave back tears

Soft Sculpture ; Shirt Collars; 80cm x 15m x 32cm; 2014.


Oh Baby (Baby) Where is your shame

Soft Sculpture; Button-up short-sleeve shirts x8; 70cm x 42cm x 17cm; 2013.


-Dishcloth Series-

Don’t Pick Up, Hang Up

Soft Sculpture; Dish cloths, underskirts; 118cm x 55cm x 30cm; 2013.

I am exploring the material and intimate properties of used and worn clothing; what they mean, their histories, the references to the body and the personal. This piece is an accumulation of dishcloths and underskirts, all sewn together to create a figure that is heavy and evokes a pregnant body. By mixing and fusing the underskirts with the dishcloths, I wanted to show the weight of typically invisible “women’s responsibilities” such as cleaning, dressing “respectably” and childbearing. The complex structure of the figure (it is a maze of different interconnecting pouches and pockets) is meant to reflect the complicated but invisible structures, ideologies and inequities that underly and shape these activities. Craft enables me to work with my hands, the physical labour is important. It calls on the idea of women’s work that goes unnoticed and is undervalued.


Live to sleep to wash

Soft sculpture; Pants (window washing, work on display), dishcloths (a lifetime of window dishes), bedsheets (a childhood of summer dreams), applesauce glass slippers (legs inactive).; 94 cm x 30 cm; 2013.


-Braid Series-

You’re not going to listen if you’re not going to listen you’re not going to listen

Soft Sculpture; Braided T-Shirts; 140cm x 123cm; 2013.

You’re not going to listen if you're not going to listen you're not going to listen


I dance and I sing

Soft sculpture; Clothing, closeted, braided, reshaped to fit; 61 cm x 46 cm; 2013.



Invitation for inhabitation

Soft Sculpture; Shirt, Jeans waistband/zipper; 75cm x 39cm x 8cm; 2014.


The parents found out about their Bitch Daughter

Soft Sculpture; Sweater, Gifted Umbrella, Given Umbrella, Found Umbrella, Taken Umbrella.; 92 cm x 46 cm; 2013.



Dreams on the surface

Soft Sculpture; Pillow case, 600 Buttons; 75cm x 49cm; 2014.

White Cube Project: Clothing as Memory, the old making something new.

Soft Sculpture (sewing); Clothing, list and map of clothing; 190cm x 80cm, Documentation (X3) 29.5cm x 21cm; 2012.