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Walking Through Soles

Moulded Ceramic Feet; 23cm x 16cm X 20 and 25cm x 18cm X 2; 2012.

Total of 22 pairs of feet in Uptown Waterloo Square, Waterloo, ON, Canada, November 22nd, 11:30 am to 7 pm. Lost one full pair, two right feet, and two broken pairs.

We walk over and over other’s paths that were there before us without seeing them. I selected 22 paths and made then visible. Mapping the movement through the square, echoing the past as I saw, understood and interpreted it.

This is an attempt at creating a record.

There is a map.

It contains information.

I have recorded the information the way I see it.

It is by reinterpreting and representing the information in the attempt to get closer to the reality that it becomes abstracted and unreadable. The information is still there, but it has become erased by the attempts to immortalize it. It can be appreciated for its aesthetic quality, but not it’s usefulness.

Is it possible to create something that will last?

Does every moment count?

What get’s left behind?

All paths cross. If you let them.These feet have lived now.