Softly Building

Softly Building – Thesis Exhibition at SoCA Gallery, University of Windsor, ON.

Spring 2019


List of Works


  1. Home; Soft Sculpture: curtains, pant legs, foam, curtain rod. 2017 (Blue curtains on a rod that turn into blue jeans at the bottom)
  2. Slip Reveal; Soft Sculpture: curtain, cut out curtain pieces, curtain rod, shelf. 2018 (Green and yellow deconstructed curtain that it hung low to the ground so that it spreads out onto the floor. Above there are shelves with the remnant squares)
  3. Slip Fall; Soft Sculpture: curtains, curtain rod. 2018 (Green and yellow curtains that are hung low to the ground so that they make a pile on the floor, against the wall)
  4. Awash; Soft Sculpture: shower curtain, curtain rod, foam filled fabric cubes. 2018 (A transparent shower curtain covers the 3 x 3 foam filled fabric cubes, while at the bottom 5 more cubes rest on the floor)
  5. Wall-Curtain; Soft Sculpture: lace, plywood, wall paint, lamp. 2019 (A sheet of stiffened lace that looks like wallpaper slips down onto the floor; there is a lamp that is off installed on the backing)


  1. Tired Bed of Flowers; Soft Sculpture: collected fabrics, insulation foam. 2018 (Square foam filled fabric cubes propped up; Deflated foam filled fabric cubes on the floor) 
  2. Lonely Laundry; Soft Sculpture: Bedsheet, cut out flowers, insulation foam, house paint. 2018 (Foam filled bed sheet placed near the ceiling, a small pile of yellow ‘blob’ flowers underneath it)
  3. To Have and to Fold; Soft Sculpture: bedsheet. 2018 (Folded bedsheet, sewn shut, teared open, on the wall)
  4. How to Fold; Soft Sculpture: bedsheet, drywall. 2018 (Drywall shelves propping up the corners of the bedsheet, letting most of the bedsheet flow out from underneath; a large pile of flower blobs is underneath, on the floor)


  1. Cornered; Soft Sculpture: knit squares, house paint, glue. 2016-2018 (Knit squares loosely assembled as corners placed in various corners made from the movable walls on the floor and near the ceiling. “Corners are a haven that ensures immobility” Bachelard 1994: 137.) 
  2. Soft Leak; Soft Sculpture: knitting. 2016-2018 (blue knitting hung behind the wall)
  3. Drywall knits series; Soft Sculpture: knitting, house paint, glue, drywall compound. 2016-2018 (Knitted, stiffened and painted with sections filled out with drywall compound and sanded to appear smooth. Installed on the floor and on the wall)