Tightly Wound

Soft Sculpture: Weaving; blinds, lace, fabric; approx. 30cm x 60cm x 100cm, 2017. 

My right I’m left

Soft Sculpture: Weaving; T-shirt, T-shirt braid; 98cm x 45cm; 2014.


Un feu de joy

Soft Sculpture: Weaving; Old shirts; 77cm x 44cm; 2015.


You’ve left you’re right

Soft Sculpture: Weaving; T-shirt, Wool; 58cm x 46cm; 2014.



Everyone is cute at that age

Soft Sculpture: Weaving, braiding; Old shirts; 73cm x 31cm; 2015.



For god sakes leave him alone

Soft Sculpture: Weaving; Old shirts; 68cm x 30cm; 2015.


A Sneaky Way to Love

Soft Sculpture: Weaving; Shirt Sleeves, Wool; 75cm x 57cm; 2014.