Audrey D’Astous is a French Canadian artist; a recent graduate from the MFA program at the University of Windsor after having graduated from the University of Waterloo in Fine Arts and Women’s Studies. Using scrap fabric and yarn, household items and other remnant building materials, she creates three-dimensional sculptures that play with the gendered conceptions of “building” and “making” a home. Audrey is interested in the ephemeral but felt presence of time and memory held in material things generated through their daily use in which there is a simultaneous accumulation of memories and a physical wearing down. Driven by a desire to touch, shape and transform the materials she collects, her practice relies on intuition and felt knowledge that emerges through a sensitive experience of the world, as opposed to knowledge gathering that relies on facts. Time consuming processes such knitting, sewing and meticulous deconstruction allow for a meditative practice that is based in physical touch and grounded in the material world. She has exhibited in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec as well as Detroit, and is most recently the recipient of the SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship for her thesis work.